A “FEARless” Season


Team 4786 Nicolet FEAR is having a better season than in past years, despite their robot driving off the stage during their robot reveal.IMG_6945

Things were so good they were able to make two robots, a practice one and a competition one. Senior team members Jeff Keyser, and Jordan Strouse, as well as Junior team member Noah Kennedy told us about their season, and also explained to us how FIRST has affected them.

Team Nicolet FEAR “got their robot done a week earlier than usual” explained Jeff Keyser. “So it’s a lot better than last year when our drivers did not have a lot of time to practice,” continued Jordan Strouse. However it has not been all good luck for Team Nicolet FEAR. During  a robot reveal event, their robot drove off the stage. Their electrical team had wired the robot differently than in past years, so the code that they had for previous robots didn’t work for the current robot. Although it fell about five feet off the stage it still worked. They all agreed that it was pretty scary situation, but this season has been a lot less stressful than previous years.

Next we asked them about their opinion on this year’s game, STRONGHOLD.  Jeff Keyser told us that “it is kinda cool how they have the audience pick the defense.” He went on to explain, “last year’s audience didn’t do very much.” Noah Kennedy added, “I like the fact that this game is a lot more fun to watch than last year. It also places a heavier emphasis on the drive train which I think is pretty cool.” Jordan Strouse agreed with Noah and stated that he thought it was a better game with more strategy and more opportunities to do things.


Last they told us about how FIRST has affected them personally. According to Jeff Keyser, FIRST “gives everyone a chance to do something they like.” He also added that “it’s a program everyone can do; it isn’t sporty which is kinda exclusive because you have to be good at sports. Here almost anyone can do anything.” Noah Kennedy joined in by saying that FIRST Robotics was about “using and applying stuff they learned in school.” Jordan Strouse added that it was helping him “prepare for the future.”

Despite their robot falling off the stage this season, it has seems like it still has had a positive influence on their lives. It also seems that all of them enjoy the style of game STRONGHOLD has produced this year. In the end it seemed like FIRST has been a good experience for all three young men.



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